#lategram. @ralphdarden spinning at #simones in #pilsen. #dj #turntablist #wheelsofsteel  (at Simone’s Bar)

#lategram. @ralphdarden spinning at #simones in #pilsen. #dj #turntablist #wheelsofsteel (at Simone’s Bar)

I’m slightly amused by the camera orientation.  The video is shot wide, but it’s somehow sideways?  Doesn’t really matter because we should be focusing on the badass that is Jazzy Jeff. Holy… that man is ZEUS!


Im enjoying my stay in Melbourne. Me and the boys from the Little League Bounce club had a little get together today at Sammy The Bullet’s Bounce Mansion. Then, Gaijin Credible leans over to me and says “Ave a little scratch ay?” so im Like “Hell Yeah ” so we ended up doing this for like 45 minutes.

DJ MAJOR TAYLOR!  Ralph Darden, watching this video makes me miss you!  I’m glad you’re slayin’ it in Australia.

Meet my friend Ralph. In the DJ world, he goes by Major Taylor, and he’s freaking rad.  He’s a video clip of him tearing it up New Year’s Eve at Bonny’s in Logan Square, Chicago.