My first Chicago radio appearance - Vocalo 89.5FM for Record Store Week.  I’m “everywhere’s finest” - ha!

I was a little nervous at the start.  Ok, maybe super nervous because my hands were trembling the few needle drops, but my nerves settled as I got into the music.

Thank you to Jesse De La Pena and the wonderful hosts of Vocalo Overdrive (Luis & Shantell) for having me on the show.  Hope to be back again!

And thank you to everyone who tuned in yesterday.  Your texts, tweets and emails totally made my night.


DJ Lani Love joined Luis, Shantell, and Jesse De La Pena as a featured DJ during Vocalo’s Record Store Week.  First a short conversation, then a DJ set.

DJ Lani Love on Vocalo.mp3 on 89.5